Reviewed Book Chapters & Journal Articles

  • “Raising her bones: Contextualising the politicization of Nehanda’s legacy in the post-Mugabe era” (Book Chapter) in TheZimbabwean Crisis after Mugabe: Multidisciplinary Perspectives. eds. Oliver Nyambi, Tendai Mangeni, and Gibson Ncube. Routledge. (2022.)
  • “Our Story Had to be Told! A Look at the Intersection of the Black Campus Movement and Black Digital Media.”
    (co-authored with Ja’La Wourman.) Spark: A 4C4Equality Journal.  Vol.2. June 2020
  • Stories of Struggle: The Intractability of Early African Fiction from Nascent African Nationalism in Rhodesia”. The Journal of Pan African Studies. Vol.12, no 3. November 2018
  • “Silence Upon the Southwest: Interrogating the Existent Literature on the Gukurahundi Massacres”. The Journal of Pan African Studies. Vol .9, No.9. November 2016.
  • “Bigger by the Dozens: The Prevalence of Afro-Based Traditions in Battle Rap.” The Journal of Hip Hop Studies. Vol .3. No. 1. July 2015.




“Set in the Dangamvura township of Mutare, Zimbabwe during the 1990s, Pashena chronicles the growing experiences of a group of primary school boys.  This semi-autobiographic tale follows the main protagonist, Shingi, and his friends as they discover and navigate their love for football, community, and each other. Through the lens of their beloved dirt field, Pashena, the boys find themselves at the center of a society transforming at the hands of AIDS, poverty and a faltering economy. More than anything, however, Pashena is a story about growth, friendship, loss, and endurance”

Homeward Bound (Poetry Anthology)

Homeward Bound“Focusing on themes of love, origins, self fulfillment, and death, the second edition definitely paints a picture of finality and the pursuit thereof. In each poem, we find ourselves going through the motions with the objective of arriving ‘home’. The anthology features pieces by several other young Zimbabwean poets.”

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