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The Leak

An episodic novella that delves into the quest for purpose in life. When Kuda’s cousin pays him a visit, he incites Kuda to look for a way out of his monotonous routine. Join Kuda on his journey as he finds newfound passion, confronts challenges and grapples with the concept of mortality.

the leak, novel, books by shingi

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About The Author

Shingi Mavima is a Zimbabwean author and musician who currently resides in Toledo, Ohio.

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Mavima has published two novels, Pashena and The Leak and two poetry anthologies, Homeward Bound and Mirage of Days Old. He has also released an EP, “Something Happened on My Way Back From School”, an audio poetry anthology, “A Shrine to Misery” as well as a string of singles (available on all major streaming platforms.)

Shingi Mavima
African Studies Scholar, Poet, Philanthropist, Writer and Musician

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Explore Shingi's YouTube channel from a broad range of interviews, presentations, book readings/shows, music, and more.

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Discover his musical collaborations with GRAMMY-Nominated artist King Isaac, King David Koresh, Simba CI, Mr Brown, and others on Spotify. You don't want to miss out on the musical vibes he brings to the table.

Book Collection

Here is a range of books published by Shingi, a collection of novellas and poetry.

the leak, novel, books by shingi
pashena the dirt field, novel, books by shingi
poetry, homeward bound, books by shingi

What Readers Are Saying

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Review on Pashena

June 27, 2018
A great coming of age book

Anthony Wilson

Review on The Leak

April 3, 2024
A short, compelling page turner

Kindle Customer

Review on Pashena

December 23, 2021
Highly Enjoyable!

Tabatha Keller

Review on The Leak

April 10, 2024
Compelling, Well Written, and Important

Wena Cook

Review on Pashena

June 27, 2018
Fantastic read!

Jonathan Wienand

Review on Pashena

October 14, 2018
A Great Read
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